Update #4: Don’t Renew Third-Party Blocks Through HeadwayThemes.com

If you receive renewal emails for third party blocks, please do not renew them through HeadwayThemes.com.

Instead, contact Headway Rocket or Pizazz WP and renew directly through the block developers.

If you receive a renewal email for HeadwayLabs or Qoerz blocks, please do not renew either. Their blocks are obsolete. The developers no longer support or maintain them .

Unfortunately, Clay Griffiths (now of Flywheel hosting) and Grant Griffiths from Headway Themes still do not pass on money made from block renewals to the developers who built and support the blocks.

Comment from PizazzWP.com  developer
The comment above was originally posted on WP Tavern in October 2016. The problem has been ongoing for just under a year.

As Headway user David M said:

“Instead of renewing Architect through Headway, I purchased from Chris … and have used Architect on one non-Headway site. By buying from him, I ensured he got paid, and I got continued support.”



10 thoughts on “Update #4: Don’t Renew Third-Party Blocks Through HeadwayThemes.com

  1. Nothing ever changes with Headway.

    I put in a ticket but the guy who answered it couldn’t help. He said he’d forward it to the developer for advice.

    I never heard back.


    1. Hi Christine,

      Sorry to hear that. They outsourced support to a third party company that provides “tier one” support.

      Headway is a middle-man between customers and Influx.com. Influx answer the basic questions and direct users to relevant documentation.

      If they can’t help you, the ticket is supposed to move to the next tier, which is Clay.

      Historically, it was difficult to get him to look at tickets. It sounds like that might still be the case.


      1. Do you have any info about Headway 4? My license is up for renewal but I don’t see much point in renewing if Headway is dead.


      2. Nope, no info at all.

        They stated in their apology back in September that an update would be released within a month, followed by further regular updates.

        But as you know, there have been no updates to Headway 4 since August 2016, not even a beta update.

        I don’t see much point in renewing if Headway is dead.

        I prefer to think of Headway as being “undead”, like a zombie – it might occasionally move and make noises to give the appearance of being alive, but it’s definitely not what it once was, and I’d recommend staying clear of it (unless they find a cure).


  2. Oh my goodness!! It never ends, this is crazy. So not only do they owe, but now they are actively stealing by not paying the devs for their blocks? Sigh.. I really hope they rectify this and climb out of the dark deep hole they seem to keep digging into.


  3. Hi Gary thanks for the updates, i am a web designer and i have created many websites for my clients by using Headway. Should i switch to another theme from now on? Do you think Headway will be alive again? And do you have any suggestions for Headway-like drag and drop theme framework?


  4. Seems obvious what they are doing. Pile on the debt and file for bankruptcy. Eventually start new with out all the grandfather accounts that receive all the updates for free.


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