Unofficial Headway Themes Update #2

Since there has been no official communication from Headway Themes, here is a brief unofficial update:

Clay has started answering Headway support tickets since returning from last weekend’s WordCamp LAX , where Pressmatic was a $1000 ‘Gold’ level sponsor.

Unfortunately, older tickets may not be answered.

If you submitted a ticket between  July 1st and September 11th, and haven’t received a reply yet, you can resubmit it by using the form in your Headway members dashboard.

Slack discussion from July 15th


The screenshots above are from Slack discussions dated July 15th. The backlog refers to ~150 tickets that accumulated from July 1st – July 15th.

In this discussion, Clay said that he would answer tickets.  He has only started now, 2 months later,  due to the details publicised on this site.

He said that he would send emails to us, he didn’t .

What is accurate is when he said he would “start fresh”. It’s for this reason that users may have to resubmit tickets if they still need help. Significantly more unanswered tickets have accumulated in the past 2 months.

Clay says that this has been stressful for him. Spending $1000 to promote Pressmatic Inc at WCLAX might be stressful.  For us, not being paid for the work they tricked us into doing several months ago is even more stressful.

Clay & Grant Griffiths Removed From Facebook Group

Clay and Grant Griffiths were removed from the unofficial Headway Themes User group on Facebook this past Sunday.

Explaining the reason for their removal, group admin Diane Louise stated:

I have deleted Clay and Grant from the room. With all that’s going on, I don’t feel it’s fair they get to see what’s going on within this Facebook community, if we can’t get to see what’s going on with Headway.



UPDATED: Breaking news from Grant


Link to full size image.

I decided to publish the image above because it contains yet another commitment from Grant that Headway will communicate with users. He has made the same claim for several months without backing it up. His final comment is indicative of his approach over the past year with regards to communication – “what difference would it have made”.

4 thoughts on “Unofficial Headway Themes Update #2

  1. Actuallly, we’d have been happy in the slack group to have had discussion at any time. We kept tagging and asking to have a discussion and no answers. Even much later when Grant came, he was treated with respect and we all chatted along. I don’t think it’s fair to say that slack chat would not have mattered. In fact, I know it’s not right because of all the times people just wanted to hear something from Grant and Clay. People wanted to help and to understand. I’d almost say the opposite – had the slack chat been engaged, we may very well have been in a different and much better place today.


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